Cheap Domestic Flights from New Delhi to Shimla

Visiting Shimla is a pleasure. The most sought after hill station is very popular among tourists and vacationers and is often referred to as the “Queen of Hills.” Shimla is approximately 365 km from New Delhi. Flights from the airport at Jubbarhatti connect Shimla to Delhi.

Shimla previously called Simla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. The city has many places of interest. Located in the center of city, The Mall is the main shopping street of Shimla having many restaurants, clubs, banks, bars, post offices and tourist offices. It is one of the busiest commercial areas of this place that cannot be ignored.

Situated along the Mall Road, Shimla Ridge is a famous tourist attraction of the city and is the hub of all cultural activities of Shimla. At a distance of 5 km from the Ridge is a lovely township of Summer Hill. Himachal Pradesh University is situated here.

For a beautiful view of the city and of the snow-covered Himalayas, you should visit Jakhu Hill which is 2 km from Shimla and is the highest peak. If you want to relax then you can go to Annandale which is a lovely picnic spot located at a distance of 2 km from the heart of the city. A calm and tranquil locale is the thickly wooded forest Glenn with a thick cover of the deodar trees.

You should not miss to visit the State Museum which is famous for its collection of ancient sculptures, Pahari paintings, bronzes wood carvings, coins and photographs. Some other places to visit around Shimla include Tara Devi Hill, Junga, Mashobra, Chharabra, Chail, Arki and Sanjauli.

You can also spend your time enjoying the adventure sports of golfing, skiing, trekking and fishing and have lots of fun.

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Great facilities of Rentals in Playa Del Carmen

One of the most excellent and important place for enjoyment in your holidays is only playa Del Carmen. Playa Del Carmen is well-liked and renowned for its paradise looking things and awesome beaches of this place which is full with the white sand. Every tourist from the any corner world wishes to travel in playa Del Carmen for the any functions, occasion and wedding ceremonies and they can also enjoy their vacation with their family. You can find out the various eye-catching natural things which can easily attract visitors which also make you happy with these good facilities of playa Del Carmen.

There are several type s of facilities available for you like sunbathing, swimming and many other water adventure sports on the beautiful beaches and white sand. You can see its superb accommodation options of Rentals in Playa del Carmen which are widely available for the every tourist where you can stay and spend your vacations. If you want some luxurious facilities you can get the your every requirements in playa Del Carmen perfectly. The destination provides the amazing facilities of Hotels Playa del Carmen which make this place more popular as a great tourist spot. There are many different types of lodging options are available for the tourist where they can stay and make special memories of their life in this vacations. If you love to travel and want to visit in excellent locations so you can choose the Playa del Carmen Travel option which only give you benefits in your holidays.

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Eight Easy Tips For Taking Your Pet On Vacation

As much as we love our cats and dogs, many of us have never even considered taking them on vacation – or if we have, we don’t really know how to plan a trip that includes them. Which is a shame, because taking your pet with you on vacation can save you a lot of money in boarding costs, not to mention the stress of worrying if your “best friend” is healthy and happy while you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away.
Today more than ever, our pets really are part of our families. Shouldn’t they be able to join us on our family vacations too?
In a word, yes. These days, it’s easier than ever to plan a vacation that includes the family pet. The secret is knowing a few simple tips to make sure your trip goes smoothly and everyone is happy.
These Eight Easy Tips will help you plan the ultimate pet-friendly family vacation – so give them a try when you’re getting ready for your next holiday.
A pet-friendly vacation is not the kind of trip where you just throw Spot or Fluffy in the car and head off in the general direction of your destination hoping to find a motel when you get tired. Taking a trip with a pet takes some advance thought – even if you’re a die-hard, spur-of-the-moment kind of traveler. You’ll need to do a little research and maybe, yes, make a reservation. But don’t worry. The results will be worth it!
Is your pet healthy enough to travel? Is Mr. Whisker’s flea-prevention up to date? Does Daisy get carsick, or have trouble sleeping in strange locations? Before you take your pet on vacation, take a drive to your veterinarian’s office to discuss any concerns you might have and make sure your best friend is in top shape before the trip.
Imagine losing your dog or cat in a strange city. It can happen, which is why before taking your pet on any sort of trip, you need to make sure their I.D. tags are up to date. Ensuring that you can be contacted immediately if your pet is lost will make for a much more relaxing holiday for the entire family. It might also help to attach a temporary I.D. tag with contact information at your vacation accommodation.
If you’ve ever taken a road trip with a baby or small child, you have some idea of what hitting the road with a dog or cat will be like. Traveling light is simply not an option when pets are involved. For the car ride itself, you’ll need plenty of water, as well as a dish to serve it in. Depending on the length of the drive, you may also need food – or at least some treats to make the time go by faster. Bring your dog’s leash, so you can break up the monotony of the drive with a brisk walk – and don’t forget the pooper scooper and bags to dispose of the waste!
If your pet sheds you may want to protect your upholstery with a blanket or some towels. This is also helpful to protect leather interior from kitty’s claws. And if you use a pet carrier, don’t forget to pack it.
Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll want to make sure you have your pet’s favorite toys, blankets, a bed if it uses one, your pet’s regular food and a food dish, grooming utensils and any medication your pet either takes regularly or might need.
If you’ll be traveling to your destination by plane, you’ll need to contact the airline to research its pet policies. How much will it cost to transport your pet? Can your pet travel with you, or will he need to make the trip in the cargo hold? Get answers to your questions well in advance so you can plan accordingly.
Find out where there are parks and beaches in your vacation area that welcome pets – that way you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when you get there instead of poring over maps or the internet. If you’ll be spending the day away from your pet at an amusement park, look into local pet sitters or dog walking services to add to your pet’s comfort away form home.
A pet is only as good as its owner – so do your part and look after your dog or cat, keep her out of harm’s way and away from things she shouldn’t touch. Make sure to clean up all messes and leave your accommodation ready for the next family to enjoy.
This is probably the most important tip of them all. Because while it’s relatively easy to find accommodation that welcomes pets, finding a place to stay that is truly “pet friendly” is a different story.
There’s nothing pet-friendly about a cramped hotel or motel room that gives your entire family no room to move. Ditto accommodation located in the middle of a busy city or town center, where there are cars everywhere and little quiet space for you to take your best friend for a walk. Your family AND your pet deserve accommodation with room to spread out – especially if your pet likes to sleep outside – in a peaceful location.
One great choice – that you’ll find in the middle of a choice vacation spot – is to book a pet-friendly Florida Leisure Vacation Home, where you can find accommodations with all the comforts of your own home in the Orlando, Florida area. From their layout and amenities to their great locations, these homes are specially chosen to provide the very best in pet-friendly accommodation – check them out at .
That’s really all there is to it. With a little planning – and the right accommodation choice – your next family vacation can include the entire family. Follow these simple steps and you can ensure a fun and relaxing vacation with your pet.
Follow these eight tips, and your trip with your pets will be exciting, memorable AND affordable. For more information about vacation homes, call 407 870 1600
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Cabin Rentals Offer More Value than Hotels

By Jim Watson

Going away on vacation is an expensive proposition. Airfare, car rental, food, and hotel costs all add up quickly, and you haven’t even done anything fun yet! Pile on the price of amusement park tickets, souvenirs, and shopping, and pretty soon you’ll be looking for ways to cut your spending.

The first thing people think of when booking an affordable vacation is the hotel. That’s only natural. Hotels are expensive, and after all, it’s only a place to sleep. Makes sense that you’d look for low-cost alternatives. Since many people mistakenly believe that cabin rentals are more expensive than a cheap motel, they’re often overlooked as an option. The truth is, cabin rentals offer an affordable alternative to pricey hotel rooms.

More Value for Your Dollar

It’s unusual to find rooms offering the amenities you’ll find in log cabins. Things like kitchens, multiple bedrooms and baths, private yards, and the quiet that comes with a stand-alone building are just not available in a traditional hotel room. Or if they are, they come with an outrageous price tag.

Cabins provide privacy both inside and out. Since they’re fully detached dwellings, you’ll never hear your neighbor’s late-night television watching. Instead you’ll enjoy the peaceful sleep that only nature can provide. No traffic, no loud music, no running feet in the hallway. And no kids in your room. Cabins offer the luxury of completely separate bedrooms for you and your children, without doubling your cost by adding a second, adjoining hotel room.

Part of Your Vacation

Rather than just being the place you sleep while away from home, cabins become a part of your vacation. They provide a quiet, secluded place to unwind, surrounded by scenic, natural beauty. You’ll fall asleep listening to the mournful cry of a hoot owl, and awaken to the scent of crisp mountain air. Rather than looking for ways to get out of your cramped and crowded hotel room, you’ll enjoy spending part of your vacation relaxing in front of the fire, playing games with the kids in the yard, or roasting marshmallows over your own private campfire. You won’t be doing any of those things in a hotel room.

If a honeymoon brings you to the Smoky Mountains, a cabin rental is the only logical choice. Many cabins feature hot tubs perfect for snuggling with your soul-mate, and area masseuses that deliver in-room couples massages. You’ll gaze out at the splendor of nature while holding hands and letting the cares of the outside world drift away on a mountain breeze.

Scenic mountain views from every window will tempt you not to leave your cabin to play tourist, but if you do, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and all these towns offer is just a short drive down the mountain. Take in the sights, do some shopping, and see a show all without having to sacrifice the beauty and impressive vistas that brought you to the Great Smoky Mountains in the first place. After the day’s tourist activities conclude, you’ll head back to your own private cabin in the woods, instead of retreating to a cold and impersonal hotel room.

When you truly want an affordable family vacation, booking log cabins in the Smokies trumps the cost of hotels almost every time.

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Visit Mount Coot-tha While You Travel To Brisbane

The people of Brisbane support the original beauty of Mount Coot-tha. This area is preserved because of its popularity as a destination for vacationers. It was a hotspot in the late 1800′s and many people would stop in the sheltered area. It was once known as One Tree Hill and has since been renamed Mount Coot-tha. Park and recreational activities currently include picnicking and barbecuing near this beautiful area.

There are so many activities you can participate in in Mount Coot-tha. Getting there is simple because there are so many options you can choose. Visit the Kuta caf where you can have a meal while overlooking beautiful Brisbane. They offer many good things to eat as well as things you can purchase to bring back home. Getting to this place is no problem because the bus runs every half an hour in order to take people right to this popular spot.

For something more elegant try out the Summit Restaurant. It has some smart seating, terraced, so that everyone that is there has a chance to sit in a great spot and enjoy the endless view that shows all the way from Brisbane to Moreton Bay. You can also have a seat on the open deck on many of the exquisite balmy nights that happen here. The food is good and the menu is always shifting to seasonal items. You can enjoy Queensland style cuisine, Mediterranean, or Asian influenced fare along with premium wines of Australia.

Native animals exist along the trails through Mount Coot-tha. While you are walking through the natural scene you can see them if you are quiet and look carefully. Slaughter Falls is a great place to visit in order to walk through nature in the area. There is an Aboriginal Track that you can walk along and see some of these animals or original manmade artwork in this naturalistic setting.

Don’t forget about the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium and the Botanic Gardens. The planetarium offers many different nice things to do for people of all ages. You can go to the observatory or see the Secret of the Dragon kids show. The Botanic Gardens has a lovely area to wander through and enjoy all that is growing there. It is lush and beautiful and is an enjoyable way to spend the day.

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In Search Of Inns Close Sea World Orlando In Buena Vista

As a result, for kids it is a enjoyable education tour and general it presents a wholesome and incredible knowledge combining the enjoyable of your roller coaster likewise as the thrill of the shark encounter.

On this regard you may possibly test out the Buena Vista area given that resorts here are quite close to both Sea World likewise as Disney World. The 30 or so resorts in this region are all newly set up and differ within the variety of 5 – 10 year old. So, these inns are identified being really appealing and getting really very good restaurants. Lake Buena Vista Resort is recognized being the very best in this area sporting a lavish décor, exquisite service together with other characteristics like a heated pool, spa, two fine restaurants, a Disney store plus the like.

The Kissimmee motels in close proximity to Sea World Orlando around the other hand caters to people who are on holiday and choose a trip household and who would just go to Sea World after in the course of the remain. Identified being reasonably priced and well-liked for its stone throwing distance to Sea World and Disney World the Kissimmee region consists of a lot of great hotels namely the Radission Worldgate, Holiday inn Maingate East, Saralego Hotel and numerous others.

You can go to to read more about Hotels near sea world orlando.

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Dealing With Jet Lag

When flying to Australia, travel visa holders would often be coming from far countries. Here, they would often have to go through with long travel time. And one of the many things that they have to deal with this is jet lag.

Having jet lag is certainly not a good idea for those on a vacation. Instead of spending more time enjoying yourself at the beach, you will most likely be catching up on your sleep and trying to adjust to the new time zone for the next few days. Thus, you will probably be asking if there is some way in which you can beat away jet land during these long trips.

Actually, there are a lot of these that you can do to alleviate or at least minimize the effects of jet lag. One of the first things that you can easily do is to prepare yourself for it. Even if you have already flown several times, it would still be a good idea to expect that you will have jet lag for any flight that is more than five hours long.

In order to be ready for your flight, having a good night’s sleep the day before will certainly help. Most tourists, especially the first time ones, are often too excited with the trip that they they will do a lot of things the day before they would head to the airport. Instead, it would be better if you simply rest the whole day before your flight. This way, you will feel more refreshed when you board the plane and would easily deal with the lack of sleep that you will likely be getting on board.

It would also be helpful if you actually try to adjust your own body to the new time zone days before you even board the plane. For instance, if you are coming from London and heading to Sydney, which would have at the most a 12 hour time difference, you might want to begin adjusting your sleep patterns three days before your flight. Also, you can try using two different watches, one set to the time back home and one to your destination, will help you in visualizing the adjustments that you need to make.

Getting enough sleep in the plane will also help in dealing with jet lag. However, with all the noise and the activity happening in the passenger cabin (remember, you are only one of over two hundred people that might be in there), sleeping will not be easy. But you can always use earplugs to tone down the noise. Also, eye covers will help in keeping away all the distractions. These are often available to you upon request, so you can easily get them when you need them.

Some passengers often try taking in medication to combat jet lag, however, most of these methods have yet to be proven to actually work. So unless you are sure of the one you will be taking, it would be easier to stick with the simpler means mentioned above. Besides, these medicines might actually do you more harm than good.

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Du lich mien Bac with Travelhome

Day 1 – Arrival Hanoi
Arrive in Hanoi and escort to the most luxurious hotel in Hanoi. The evening is free to relax, soothe tired muscle with a relaxing massage or indulge in a delicious gourmet meal. Overnight at the luxury Hotel Hanoi.

Day 2 – Hanoi (B)
Visit Hanoi ‘s main cultural attractions, including the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, his House on Stilts, the One Pillar Pagoda, the Fine Arts Museum and the Temple of Literature and the very impressive Museum of Ethnology, one of the finest museums in Vietnam with many exhibits and pictures and houses’ models of 54 ethnic people could make you have truly experiece of ethnic minorities inhabiting in Vietnam. Enjoy a one hour cyclo tour to Explore the fascinating Old Quarter and its hundreds of specialty shops selling silk clothing, lacquerware, embroidered linens, furniture, bamboo, cooking utensils, ceremonial objects. Shop for impressive modern art in the city’s many galleries. Overnight in Hanoi.Overnight at the luxury hotel Hanoi.

Day 3 – Hanoi – Halong (Emeraude Classic Cruises) (B,L,D)
Travel east through the scenic rice fields and rich farmlands of the Red River Delta to Halong Bay. Board the Emeraude for your overnight cruise, a luxurious boat reminiscent of the French Indochina era. Feast on scrumptious fresh seafood, swim or kayak through emerald waters and enjoy the views as you coast past limestone karts and hidden caves. As the sun sets, sip a cocktail and enjoy a screening of the moving ‘Indochine’ or retire to your elegant cabin for a good night’s sleep. Overnight aboard The Emeraude, Halong Bay.

Day 4 – Hanoi – Halong (B)
Start your morning with a Tai Chi class on the sundeck followed by a leisurely breakfast as the boat begins its cruise toward land. On the return drive to Hanoi, there is an option to stop in a small village for a performance of traditional water puppetry in a local temple- a unique and authentic experience. This afternoon and evening are at your leisure for last minute sight seeing or shopping in the capital city. Overnight at the luxury Hotel Hanoi.

Day 5 – Hanoi Departure (B)
Enjoy breakfast at hotel l and this morning at leisure until it is time to transfer to the airport for your onward flight. Time to bid farewell to the beaming Vietnam Smiles. We trust you had a wonderful Vietnam Holiday with us and looking forward to welcoming you back on vacations in the near future.

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Euro Currency Wobble Could Help Lanzarote Vacations

Due to unpredictable weather at home, the British love their overseas holidays – and many of them like being abroad so much they buy a holiday home in their favourite destination – or even move there full time.

The recession is hitting the British particularly hard, as their currency – sterling – has dropped in value against the Euro, making their spending money worth a lot less than a year ago.

And there appears little chance of Britian joining the Euro with opinion polls consistently showing well over 70 per cent of the population would vote against ditching the pound.

One British company who have noticed the slide of the pound against the Euro is International Property Tribune. They deal in tax haven property but also have travel sites for Lanzarote, Tenerife, Menorca and other parts of Spain.

‘We have always listed our properties with the local currency first – normally the Euro – and then an approximate guide in sterling’, they say, but add ‘In January we removed the sterling conversions from the Euro as they were so close to being of equal value it just wasn’t worth listing the British currency seperately.’

But the move could be a temporary one – ‘If sterling picks up and moves to 1.2 Euros for a pound we’ll introduce the British prices again, but that might be a year or two away.’

On the travel side, the company say that British people are booking holidays, and there’s a rise on last year, but not in the same numbers as two years ago, and say last year saw a drop of between 15 and 20 per cent in holiday bookings depending upon the location.

Some areas that could do better than others during 2010 might be the ones that have winter visitors as well as summer ones, with bookings made for this winter as people get more confident of the economy and job prospects.

A good example is Lanzarote. The island is famous with tourists for its volcanic origin. They come for the spectacular scenery and the balmy weather.

Its temperature remains fairly constant year round and the island is popular in the winter with those seeking a sunshine holiday while Northern Europe shivers. A winter vacation is just as desirable as one taken in the summer. Sea temperatures reach about 75 degrees fahrenheit during the summer months and 63 degrees fahrenheit during the winter.

Lanzarote is home to more than 100,000 people and has its own international airport, with Lanzarote flights from regional airports throughout Europe. The island relies on tourism as well as agriculture to maintain its economy. Millions of visitors each year enjoy the black sand beaches and unique experience that only Lanzarote can offer.

The wonderful climate throughout the year is conducive to a variety of sports activities. Take your pick of golf, diving, horseback riding, tennis and windsurfing during holidays in both the summer and winter.

And it’s the year round attraction of Lanzarote that could really help the island during the current recession – if the pound doesn’t pick up there isn’t a short season and the opportunity is missed like some destinations – and the more flexibility the better for British tourists while they wait for their currency to go up against the Euro.

And that might happen soon with the Euro under pressure with the Greek economy on the brink of possible meltdown.

About the Author: Lanzarote travel resources at include an active Lanzarote blog with comments and reviews of accommodation and the hotels in Lanzarote

UAE Kitesurfing Challenge – Become One with the Wind

There is much more to tourism in modern times than sightseeing tours and exclusive entertainment. Activities, festivals, sports and adventures have taken a vital spot in the tourism industry, whereas water sports have gained an apparent niche. There are a wide variety of water sports that are popular among tourists, varying from snorkelling to windsurfing and kayaking to wakeboarding among many others.

Among the different types of water sports there is a type that is performed on top of the water, called surface water sports. This category includes windsurfing, waterskiing, kitesurfing and surfing. Kitesurfing is where they make use of the wind to direct a kite and that in turn will propel a rider on a kiteboard in the same direction. These kiteboards, the boards which the riders stand on, have straps to hold the riders’ feet. And these huge kites, resembling the cruciform type parachutes, can be easily controlled by the rider.

United Arab Emirates too has become a favourite destination for kitesurfing races, known as the UAE kitesurfing challenges. UAE has three of the most famous kitesurfing hotspots concentrated in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Mirfa Beach. Abu Dhabi’s public beach Ras Al Akhdar as well as Dubai’s Wollongong Beach are renowned as leading kite beaches in UAE.

When it comes to kitesurfing challenges UAE hosts a number of events to attract the kite surfers all across the globe. The Al Gharbia Watersports Festival for example was held at the Mirfa Beach in May 2009, while in January 2010 Abu Dhabi hosted the Abu Dhabi Kite Challenge 2010. Dubai too is on a par with its kitesurfing fervour by organizing the Dubai International Kitesurfing Challenge held in March.

UAE kitesurfing challenges are not only for the veterans but even total beginners can enjoy the thrill and the spirit of this sport. The kite beaches, as the kitesurfing spots are known, offer professional instructors to give you structured hands on lessons. What’s more, most of these instructors are recognized by the International Kiteboarding Organization. Even their lessons are flexible and adaptable, based on individual potentials and preferences.

The thrill of riding the water surface guided by the wind, and the moments of being airborne will let you feel like a bird soaring in the vast blue skies. And during the times when there is no wind, you could still enjoy a round of wakeboarding at these kite beaches. Joining a water sport to beat the heat during the summer is all too natural, and that is simply why UAE kitesurfing challenges are hard to resist.

If you are touring in Dubai you can conveniently access Dubai kite beaches while staying at a strategically positioned Dubai hotel. The discerning travellers who seek opulence combined with ultimate elegance can opt for Raffles Dubai, UAE. Adorned with a spectacular facade that takes you back to the Egyptian pyramids, this luxury accommodation Dubai offers an aesthetically enriched holiday. While indulging in the superlative Raffles hospitality you can relish lush vistas of their botanical garden inspired with the four classical elements, earth, air, fire and water.

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